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Colorado Redistricting

How Redistricting Impacts Colorado's Asian/Pacific Islander Community


What is redistricting?

Redistricting directly relates to power. Every ten years, new lines are drawn for national Congressional districts and for state Legislative districts. It is vital that communities of interest (ethnicity, race, economic groups) are not split in ways that dilute our power. In other words, when communities that have a shared interest are split into two districts, they have less political power than they would if the district lines were drawn to keep them together.

Why is it important to the Asian/Pacific Islander (API) community?

Asian/Pacific Islanders are one of the largest growing populations in the nation. Our communities deserve to be heard and properly represented in the next decade. 

As a whole, the Asian/Pacific Islander population makes up 4% of the entire state and is rapidly growing. We are mainly concentrated in the Denver metro area, specifically Denver, Arapahoe, and El Paso counties. 

View the preliminary maps.

Sign up to give testimony.

Check the public hearing schedule.

See the slides from our August 5 training in collaboration with CORE DEI and All on the Line.

Denver Asian Community Map.png




Join APIAVote, NaFFAA Region 5, Colorado Asian Culture and Education Network, National Tongan American Society, and CORE DEI as we facilitate a crash course on redistricting advocacy in Colorado and Utah. You will have the opportunity to learn why redistricting matters, draw your own maps of your community, and learn about effective messages and advocacy tactics.

For questions, contact Raymond Partolan, National Field Director at APIAVote, at

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