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Donate to help establish the first Asian American community center in Denver

We are kicking off our two-month capital campaign: The Heartbeat of Our Community: Cultivating Connection and Culture -- and we need your help!


In July and August 2024, we are asking the community to support this endeavor to fundraise $500,000 to go towards purchasing the building, architectural costs, renovations/build out of the space, equipment, and furniture.

See the donor packet.


Learn more about the community center below!

Thank you for your support! Please also join us for our fundraising gala on Sunday, August 18, 2024. More information here.

Social Fabric Donor Packet.png

Your donation is tax deductible and goes towards creating a legacy for Asian Americans in Colorado for generations to come!

​You (and your family) will be recognized on a donor wall inside the community center, as well as in communications about the space. (Or you can choose to be anonymous).

Please make checks payable to: CACEN

Send to:


PO Box 221748

Denver, CO 80222

Thank you for your support to establish Denver's Asian American community center!

Please contact with any questions.


Use the donation form above or click here.

APABA Banquet.jpg

What is the Social Fabric Community Center?

A gathering place for Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islanders (AANHPIs) in the Denver area to connect and thrive.
A center that showcases how AANHPIs are a part of the ‘social fabric’ of Colorado. A space where we belong. 

Since 2020, CACEN in partnership with AANHPI organizations has been working on the development of an Asian American community center / coworking space.With the support of The Colorado Health Foundation's Equity Collective Initiative grant, CACEN is in contract to purchase a space in South Denver (Centennial/Englewood area).

Where is it located?

Address: 67 Inverness Dr E Unit C Englewood, CO 80112

With funding from Congressman Crow's office, the community center will be located in Congressional District 6 (south of Denver) in the Centennial and Englewood area. It is nestled just south of Top Golf and west of the Centennial Airport.

This area has the highest percentage of Asian American residents in the metro Denver region.


Source: Census 2020 Census Tracts


Values & Goals of the Space

Driven by community feedback and ideas, Social Fabric will be a space of inclusion and belonging as well as knowledge/resource sharing. Job opportunities will be available for youth and young adults, as well as the refugee and immigrant population. Sustainability will also be prioritized including a focus on energy efficiency and recyclable materials.

What will be featured in the community center?

  • Office space for AANHPI nonprofits and businesses and co-working space for the community

  • Gathering place for AANHPIs (students, professionals, working parents) with a cafe: coffee/tea, snacks

  • Incubator for entrepreneurs (food, retail, art, etc.

  • Event space (night market, lunar new year, kpop competition, performances)

  • AAPI health/wellness providers and service

  • Library/bookstore highlighting AANHPI authors

  • Family friendly (kids play area)

bright coworking space.jpg

What is the timeline?

May 2024:                  In contract for 67 Inverness

June 2024:                 Building inspection complete

July - August 2024:    Capital campaign and fundraising

August 18, 2024:       Fundraising Gala

September 2024:       Closing on 67 Inverness

October 2024:           Build out, renovations, permits​

February 2025:          Lunar New Year Soft Opening

Library/bookstore highlighting AANHPI authors

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